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Emergency Response Guides for Alternative Fuel Vehicles
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Largest database of EV ERG's in North America
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EV Rescue App

Vehicle Features

  • Location of 1st, 2nd & 3rd Batteries
  • Voltage Fuel Cell / Cables
  • Ultra-high strength steel
  • Jacking & stabilization points
  • High Voltage Disconnects
  • Cable Cut Areas

Additional Information

  • In case of accident
  • Access occupants
  • In case of fire
  • In case of submersion
  • Towing & Storage of vehicle
  • Charging station data
  • Cable Do Not Cut Areas

Lifting & Stabilization Points

Every EV has DIFFERENT Lifting & Stabilization Points.

The EV Rescue App shows exactly where to Lift and Support different Electric Vehicles


Critical Information for different industries in a quickly evolving market.


Fire Departments

Firefighters can efficiently strategize their approach to cooling electric vehicle fires and executing rescue operations, ensuring both responder safety and effective incident management for electric vehicles.


Police Deparments

Police departments can utilize the EV Rescue app to swiftly ascertain critical safety protocols and disable procedures for electric vehicles during traffic incidents, enhancing roadside safety and response effectiveness.


Towing Professionals

Towing professionals can use the EV Rescue app to access vehicle-specific guidelines, ensuring the safe and proper handling of electric vehicles during recovery operations, loading and tie down, transportation and storage of the vehicle.


Fire Academies

Fire academies can integrate the EV Rescue app into their training programs, providing recruits with up-to-date knowledge and best practices for responding to emergencies involving electric vehicles.


DOT & Airports

Departments of Transportation and airport emergency teams can leverage the EV Rescue app to ensure quick and informed responses to electric vehicle incidents, maintaining safety and operational continuity on roadways and airside environments.


Auto Body & Auto Repair Shops

Auto Body & Repair shops can utilize the EV rescue app if they own a tow truck or flat bed ensuring the safety of the tow operator.

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The largest database of EV ERG's in North America

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