Turtle Nozzle EV Rescue

Turtle Fire Systems - EV Nozzle

he Turtle Fire System was founded in response to the growing concern of electric vehicle fires and the need for a safe and effective water delivery system. Its unique design and operation allows for applications beyond EV fires, such as internal combustion engine fires, cooling flammable liquid and fuel tanks, deep-seated fires, exposure protection, hazmat incidents, and more.


Insight Fire Training

Insight Training LLC offers a wide range of fire behavior and thermal imaging education & training


Darley - Emergency Plug

The Emergency Plug will communicate with the car’s software by making the car think it is being charged. As a result of this, it will not be possible to operate the car or for it to drive off. Every Electric Car and Hybrid has a mandatory built-in safety feature that will prevent the car from being operated once the car is being charged.


Genesis Rescue Tools

Genesis Rescue Systems specializes in developing innovative rescue tools and technologies for the fire and rescue industry, leveraging a long-standing joint venture with Weber Hydraulik to manufacture 100% American-made products. The company focuses on continual improvement and holds several patents, with products made in an ISO 9001:2015 certified facility, reflecting their commitment to high standards and safety in emergency response equipment.


HEN Nozzles

HEN's patented technology is designed for superior fire suppression Whether it's an aggressive interior structure attack, or progressive wildland hose lead, HEN’S superior water placement suppresses fire faster, hence conserving water.


F-500 Encapsulator Agent

Materials like flammable metals, lithium-ion batteries and synthetic fabrics have become commonplace in the home, at work and in industrial facilities. F-500 Encapsulator Agent’s unique features will give your team the ability to safely mitigate these difficult-to-extinguish fire hazards.