Turtle Nozzle EV Rescue

Turtle Fire Systems - EV Nozzle

he Turtle Fire System was founded in response to the growing concern of electric vehicle fires and the need for a safe and effective water delivery system. Its unique design and operation allows for applications beyond EV fires, such as internal combustion engine fires, cooling flammable liquid and fuel tanks, deep-seated fires, exposure protection, hazmat incidents, and more.


Darley - Emergency Plug

The Emergency Plug will communicate with the car’s software by making the car think it is being charged. As a result of this, it will not be possible to operate the car or for it to drive off. Every Electric Car and Hybrid has a mandatory built-in safety feature that will prevent the car from being operated once the car is being charged.


F-500 Encapsulator Agent

Materials like flammable metals, lithium-ion batteries and synthetic fabrics have become commonplace in the home, at work and in industrial facilities. F-500 Encapsulator Agent’s unique features will give your team the ability to safely mitigate these difficult-to-extinguish fire hazards.


CellBlock - EV Fire Shield Blanket

When faced with high watt hour fires, it’s not just about temperature. Energy density contributes to intensity and burn time. Constructed from durable fire-proof fabrics, our FireShield EV Blankets are imperative equipment in a first responder’s arsenal to contain a thermal runaway or other high energy fire.


Insight Fire Training

Insight Training LLC offers a wide range of fire behavior and thermal imaging education & training